About Hanadayori

What kind of ikebana would you like to see? We will ask ikebana masters and practitioners around the world to make a special arrangement in response to requests and exhibit them at our online exhibition.

Hanadayori is a Japanese word that means that the flowers you have been waiting for have bloomed. In our Hanadayori you can get to see a published photo of your very own personal arrangement from Ikebana artists in response to your request.

Hanadayori is a major online event of Melbourne Ikebana Festival

This unique project not only connects ikebana artists with people all over the world, but in a world where the pandemic is causing so much suffering, these small connections though flowers might help to bring some joy and healing.

Due to popular demand, this year we will put out a photo book, Hanadayori 2023.  We hope It will be sold to a global audience.

Hanadayori 2023