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What is ikebana performance? Dr Margaret Meran Trail (Former Lecturer, Victoria University, Performance artist) & Hiroki Ohara (Ohara School Headmaster) will talk about performance art and will answer to the questions from ikebana practitioners around the world. いけ花パフォーマンスとは何か?小原流家元小原宏貴氏、パフォーマンス・アーティスト、マーガレット・ミラン・トレイル氏をお迎えし、一緒に考えていきましょう。いけ花パフォーマンスを巡る議論の重要な基点となるコンフェレンスを目指します。

  • Date: 11.09.2022 03:00 PM - 11.09.2022 05:00 PM
  • Location: Online Event

Price: AU$10


Melbourne Ikebana Conference:  International Society of Ikebana Research (ISIR) 39th Regular Conference in conjunction with Melbourne Ikebana Festival 

Special Theme: What is Ikebana Performance?

When: 3 ~ 5 PM, 11 September 2022 (Melbourne, Australia Time)  

Venue: Online & Linen Room, Abbotsford Convent, Melbourne

Fee:  Aud $10 / Free for ISIR Member

How to Join: (a) Online or (b)At Abbotsford Convent

(a) Online - Registration Closed

(b) At Abbotsford Convent

Buy a ticket on the day. 

See you at Linen Room, Abbotsford Convent. 

If you are an ISIR member, contact us to join for free. 

Program  (Melbourne Australia Time): 

3:00  Welcome: Dr Osamu Inoue - President of ISIR, Associate Professor, Kyoto University of the Arts.

3: 10  Ikebana Demonstration & Ikebana Performance: Dr Shoso Shimbo - Vice President of ISIR, Director of Melbourne Ikebana Festival, Presenter of Ikebana Performance with Paul Grabowsky  

3:30  What is Ikebana Performance? (Prerecorded with English subtitle): Hiroki Ohara - The 5th Generation Ohara Headmaster 

4:00  What is Performance Art? History & Practice:  Dr Margaret Meran Trail – Performance Artist, Former Lecturer (Victoria University, Australia)

4:30 Q&A (Dr Meran Trail & Dr Shimbo) 

4:45 Closing 

MC: Shoan Lo - Secretary of ISIR, Project Manager of Wa Melbourne Ikebana Festival, Associate Director of Ikebana Gallery Award & Ikebana Dojo.

Presenter Profiles:

Dr Shoso Shimbo

Hiroki Ohara: He was born in Kobe in 1988. In 1995 (Heisei 7), he succeeded the fifth headmaster at the age of six, and focused on the spread of Japanese traditional culture "Ikebana" and both domestic and international activities as an artist. Currently, he is appointed Director of Ohara-ryu Research Institute, Vice-President of Japan Ikebana Arts Association, Vice-President of Hyogo Prefecture Ikebana Association, Visiting Professor of Taisho University, and Principal of Ohara-ryu Beginner's School.  

Dr Margaret Meran Trail: Dr Margaret Meran Trail worked throughout the 90s and 00s as an independent performance/art maker exploring relations between the body, psyche, and language. From 1998—2015 she lectured in Performance Studies at Victoria University, Melbourne where she taught art history and performance composition, and supervised many postgraduate projects in performance, music and creative writing. She is also a qualified florist.







場所:オンラインイベント &メルボルン生け花フェスティバル会場 

プログラム(予定 - 日本時間):

2:00 開会のご挨拶 井上治(国際いけ花学会会長、京都芸術大学准教授) 

2:10 「生け花デモンストレーションと生け花パフォーマンス」新保逍滄

2:30 「生け花パフォーマンスとは何か」小原宏貴

3:00 「パフォーマンス・アート:歴史と実践」マーガレット・ミラン・トレイル

3:30 質疑応答 マーガレット・ミラン・トレイル

3:45 閉会のご挨拶

進行:Shoan Lo

費用:  ¥1000 / 無料(国際いけ花学会会員)


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