Immerse Yourself in Japanese Flower Arrangement

Wa Melbourne Ikebana Festival

7 & 8 September 2024
Abbotsford Convent


Online & Photo Book Project: Ikebana by Request Connecting ikebana artists with people all over the world 上欄メニュー「日本語案内」もご参照ください。 

The Photobook Hanadayori 2023

We are delighted to announce the release of the 2023 edition of the photobook "Hanadayori." 花信2023のフォトブック版のご購入はこちらからどうぞ。

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Hanadayori 2023 Part 1&2 - Launched

Enjoy our online exhibition, Hanadayori 2023. Here is a list of ikebana artists and the requests chosen for them. 花信のオンライン展示はこちらからご鑑賞ください。

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The Hanadayori Collection: A New Suite of Perfumes

To celebrate the launch of Hanadayori 2023, Metascent has created a new suite of perfumes, the Hanadayori Collection. Sakihana, a perfume from the Hanadayori collection, has achieved global recognition and was honoured as the best perfume of 2023 by Fragrantica, the world's largest and most prominent perfume website.

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Hanadayori Night: Ho Chi Minh City

Launch of the Hanadayori Collection in Vietnam.

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About Hanadayori

You can get to see a published photo of your very own personal arrangement from Ikebana artists in response to your request. Online exhibition & ebook for a global audience.

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Send us Your Request

All welcome. Anyone can make request for free by 31 January 2023.

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What Happens Next?

Toward the launch of Hanadayori 2023 in June 2023

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For Ikebana Artists

Can I join this project as an Ikebana artist?

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Special Exhibitors 2023

We are pleased to welcome ikebana artists from Ukraine as exhibitors. They are willing to send messages of flower to you under the most difficult circumstances. We are also excited to welcome international ikebana masters again.

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Hanadayori 2021

We received a large number of positive and warm responses from people around the globe. We think we were able to show what ikebana can do; its amazing power to the world.

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Perfumes for Ikebana Festival

Exhibitor Guideline - Ikebana Artists

Join our exhibition. All Ikebana Schools Welcome!

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How to Apply - Ikebana Artists

Local, Interstates and International Exhibitors Welcome!

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Ikebana from Melbourne 2021

This is our message of hope for a better time through flowers. We hope our small efforts will help to cheer up those of us experiencing the COVID blues. Visit our directory for the details of the participating artists.