Do-Quyen Phan
France: Sogetsu

47 rue de Bellevue, Antony, Ile-de-France, 92160

After retiring from an engineering career, Do-Quyen is now a full time ikebana teacher in Antony and Gentilly, next to Paris.
She also offers demonstrations, workshops, coaching and exhibitions.

The 3 most important meetings in her ikebana journey are with:
- Eliane Boulongne (1990), her first teacher who was the founder of the Sogetsu France branch.
- Master instructor Sozan Nakamura (1999), during a workshop in Paris, who has inspired her to go further in the study of this art.
- Ilse Beunen (2017), during Concentus workshop in Rome, with whom she started another turning point in her ikebana growth.

She joined the International Teachers Class of Ilse in 2018, they are a group of friends and artists who, under the impetus of their teacher, are constantly progressing through the challenges and “out of the box”.