Hanna Nazarenko
Ukraine: Ikenobo

Ukraine. Kyiv.Beresteysky prospect 37. KPI library, 4th floor, Kyiv, Kyiv, 03056

In 2008, she began studying the Japanese art of ikebana flower arrangement.
Has been teaching ikebana since 2018 (permanently leads a group at the Ukrainian-Japanese Center). As of October 2022, has the 9th diploma of the Ikenobo School (KAKYO) Prize winner of the ikebana competition "The Ikenobo World Cup 2022. 

For me, ikebana compositions are a way of expressing my worldview, seeing beauty everywhere. When I started doing this Japanese art, I got to know myself more, how I see the world, what I want to achieve, etc. The changes of the seasons opened up to me, I began to walk more in the forest, to be alone with nature.
It develops motor skills, spatial thinking, vision of compatible and opposite colors even without using a color wheel. This is a very applied art. The more you practice, the better your work becomes. The mind calms down as during meditation or a deep phase of sleep. You can relax mentally.