Keiho Ota
Kyoto: Sagagoryu

Keiho Ota 

Kyoto Sagagoryu School 

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Keiho Ota is a Professor, Seikyoju, of Sagagoryu School in Kyoto, Japan. She enjoys arranging flowers and learning Sagagoryu School traditional teachings. 

She has started learning Ikebana after getting a master's degree in English Literature from Doshisha Women's College.  

In 2004, she became an Ikebana teacher.  From July 2019 to June 2021, she worked for Ikebana International Kyoto Chapter as a historical material clerk.  

In April 2021 and June 2022, she displayed her Ikebana works at Kokokai Ikebana Exhibition.   

Her dream is to teach Sagagoryu School Ikebana and Japanese culture to people all over the world.  She hopes to share the joys of Ikebana with them.