Kozan Okada
Tokyo: Kozan School of Ikebana





公益財団法人 日本いけばな芸術協会 理事

一般社団法人 いけばな協会 理事

一般社団法人 帝国華道院 常務理事

港区華道茶道連盟 理事長

作品掲載出版物 「花にあう」 主婦の友社

        「源氏物語花の五十四帖」 求龍堂

        「和の花、野の花、身近な花」 主婦の友社

        「花時間」2004年9月号  角川書店

        「お正月の花と飾り いけ方と取り合わせのヒント」 主婦の友社

        「花パレット 色別シンプルいけばな」 主婦の友社

        「婦人画報」2014年9月号 婦人画報社

Instagram  https://www.instagram.com/kozan_okada

Facebook  https://www.facebook.com/kouzanryu/

YouTube  https://www.youtube.com/@user-fz7qk1kt5k


Born in the Family of Kozan Shool of Ikebana, She began to learn Ikebana art from her early childfood, following the instruction of the third Iemoto.

After graduating from University of the Sacred Heart with a major in Literature, she became the Vice Iemoto in 2000 and, in 2004, assumed the position of the fourth Iemoto of Kozan School of Ikebana.

Since then, she has established her own style, cherishing the spirit of Kozan School as well as exploring the new aspects of Ikebana art which could stimulate contemporary Japanese culture scene.

In 2020, in the midst of devastating Coronavirus pandemic, she started distributing an original video content, titled  “ Kozan school The110th anniversary Flower Exhibition,’” which was highly praised as an innovative and creative project through Ikebana world.


Lecturer at University of the Sacred Heart and graduate school

Director, Public Interest Incorporated Foundation Japan Ikebana Art Association

Director, General incorporated Association Ikebana Association

Executive Board Member, General incorporated Association Imperial Ikebana, Teikokukadouin

The Director of the Minato Ward Ikebana and Tea Ceremony Federation


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