Pamela Croci, (Shutei)
Wentworth Falls, NSW: Sogetsu School

Full Moon;

my ramshackle hut

is what it is.


I live in the Blue Mountains, surrounded by amazing native bush and rocky escarpments and amongst beautiful domestic European style exotic gardens. I have been practicing ikebana for over twenty five years and have a Teachers Certificate within the Sogetsu School. 

Ikebana has deepened my appreciation of the natural world and forms part of my regular meditation practice opening the heart and mind to accepting everything as it is…. I only use material from my garden, friends and local lanes which brings an  amount of discipline and endless amountsof creativity. 

To quote Sofu Teshigahara, Founder of the Sogetsu School “ the heart and spirit of all who arrange ikebana remains unchanged over time in terms of creating works; there is no old or new spirit of ikebana. A free spirit allows one to create diverse expressions, unrestricted by customs or conventions. With an open mind, arrange ikebana work that is time transcendent.”