Shoso Shimbo

Shoso Shimbo is recognized internationally for his floral artistry. As an educator and VP of the International Society of Ikebana Research, he explores Ikebana's cultural impact.

Shoso Shimbo, an Ikebana teacher with over 30 years of experience, is celebrated internationally for his floral designs. Recognized by Belle magazine among Australia’s top floral designers, he's won awards at prestigious shows like the Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show and Yering Station Sculpture Exhibition. 

He has exhibited his sculptural works in a number of prominent art exhibitions, including at the NGV, Lorne Suclpture and Deakin University. 

As part of the Wa: Melbourne Ikebana Festival he has performed live Ikebana performances with musicians like Paul Grabowsky and the Gregorian Brothers at the Melbourne Recital Centre.

As an educator, he's taught Japanese Aesthetics at RMIT Short Courses and holds MA, MFA, and PhD. He is a vice president of the International Society of Ikebana Research, and he leads  Ikebana Gallery Award and online courses, Zoom Ikebana Dojo.

With publications spanning Ikebana and contemporary art, Shoso remains a prolific contributor to the field, exploring Ikebana's evolution and its impact on cultural traditions.