For Ikebana Artists

Can I join this project as an Ikebana artist?

Yes. If you are a qualified ikebana teacher and would like to join this project, please apply by sending us a form by 31 December 2022. 

If your application is successful, you will receive a request in early January 2023, and you will be asked to submit your work by 28 February 2023

You will be listed in our directory for about a year. Your work will be included in eBook, Hanadayori and consequently you will have an additional publication item in your cv.   

We welcome applications from those who intended to exhibit at Wa Ikebana Exhibition, but could not do so for various reasons.  

Quality of photo is very important for this project. Poor quality photos may not be accepted for publication.  

Notice about eBook. A company we were planing to use to publish our eBook, Hanadayori suddenly announced to stop their service. We still hope to publish our eBook in early 2023 using another company. As the details for the publishing cost is not certain at the moment, we decided not to ask artists to prepay for a copy. If your application is successful, your work will be published for free. After the publication, you are welcome to buy a copy or more but you may choose not to do so.     

Hanadayori 2023