How to use our Exhibitor Badge

Are you exhibiting at Hanadayori: Ikebana by Request, Ikebana Container Award Exhibition, or Wa Ikebana Exhibition? Thank you for joining us.

Please download our exhibitor badge, add it to your photo and let your friends know your participation in this special event. The more viewers, the better for you and for us all.  

How to add exhibitor badge

If you don't have a software, use the following free site:

1. Download our exhibitor badge.

2. Select a photo you want to add logo (badge).

3. "Drop image here" in

4. Add logo. Choose our badge.

5. Adjust size and position of the badge.

6. Download the image with the badge. If the image is too large, you may have to adjust it. 

7. Share the photo with Facebook, Instagram, etc. or use it in your websites.