Mission Statement

Wa Melbourne Ikebana Festival


Harmony (wa) through flowers - for society and the environment.

People around the world experiencing, enjoying, understanding and appreciating ikebana individually and together.


To increase community understanding, enjoyment and participation in ikebana by promoting the benefits of ikebana as

  1. an ancient and highly-respected cultural activity originating in Japan
  2. a creative and enjoyable art form for anyone to practice or view
  3. a meditative and therapeutic activity 
  4. a way to change attitudes - to live harmoniously with nature rather than regard it just as a resource
  5. a way to have a positive influence on others and on the earth.


  • The number of people viewing, learning and practicing ikebana will increase
  • Ikebana teachers and students (local, interstate and overseas) will have increased, affordable and easily accessed opportunities to exhibit, demonstrate, discuss and teach their art
  • the wider community will have regular and increasing opportunities to engage with ikebana in a range of ways

Values and Behaviours

Wa committee members, staff and volunteers are from a range of ikebana schools, experience and backgrounds. We value the following behaviours and strive to act in accordance with them.

  • Kindness and consideration for each other, respecting our personal qualities, similarities and differences
  • Respect for each other’s practice of ikebana, with due regard for each school of ikebana
  • Communicate in an open, accurate and straightforward way using appropriate language
  • Think innovatively about how to best use limited resources to come up with new ways to support Wa activities and genuinely consider all ideas presented
  • Work creatively, managing large or small projects autonomously, taking responsibility for active and creative decision-making wherever appropriate.
  • Support each other and our activities, providing mentorship and expertise in a creative, sensitive and helpful manner.
  • Contribute to the achievement of Wa’s goals to the best of our ability, having respect and consideration for other people’s priorities