Exhibitor Guideline - Ikebana Artists
Wa: Ikebana Exhibitor Guideline 2024

How to Apply

After reading the following exhibitor guidelines, please go to "How to Apply".

Exhibition Dates

Saturday 7 September and Sunday 8 September 2024


Community & Linen Rooms, Abbotsford Convent, Melbourne


Exhibitors must be current Ikebana students or qualified Ikebana teachers. Ikebana practitioners from any Ikebana school are welcome.

Applications from ikebana students are accepted with approval and supervision from their teacher.

The setting up and dismantling schedule must be strictly followed. Exhibits must not be dismantled before the end of the exhibition.

Certificates of Participation will be issued on demand for the interstate and international exhibitors.

Size of Exhibits & Fees

Exhibitors must select the required space at the time of application.

Standard space ($45*)
Ikebana students with no teaching qualification must opt for a standard table space.
Standard table exhibit must be strictly within 0.6m(w) x 0.6m(d) x 1.5m(h)
Standard floor exhibit must be maximum 0.6m(w) x 0.6m(d) x 2.0m(h)

Large space ($90*)
Group leaders and exhibitors with Ikebana teaching qualifications may opt for the large space. Large spaces are limited, and group leaders will be given preference. Large exhibits may be exhibited either on the table or floor.
Large table exhibit must be strictly within 1.3m(w) x 0.6m(d) x 1.5m(h)
Large floor exhibit must be strictly within 1.3m(w) x 0.6m(d) x 2m(h)

Mobile or hanging style

We will not accept any form of hanging displays due to our insurance policies.  

Design Submission

All exhibitors have to submit the details of their proposed work by 10 August 2024.

Please send the scanned image of your design to wa.ikebana@gmail.com
The scanned image should be less than 0.5 meg in size. The design plan should include your name, sizes (Height, Width, Depth), colours & materials. If you cannot send an image, the short description would be sufficient.

We understand that your actual exhibit may be slightly different from your design. Your plan is to help our curator organize exhibits.

If we don’t receive it by the deadline, you will be asked to wait outside the exhibition space to consult with our curator individually on the setting up day. You will not be allowed to enter the exhibition space without permission from our curator. This would be a waste of time for both our curator and other exhibitors.

Promotion - Before Exhibition

Please use our Exhibitor Badge to let your friends know about your participation in this special exhibition. See "how to use our exhibitor badge" on the NEWS page for the details.

Please share our posts regarding this festival on Facebook and Instagram with your social media.   

Promotion - During Exhibition 

We allow business cards and flyers to be placed only at the reception, and/or to be distributed during artists' talks. 

We will add a QR code on your exhibitor’s name card if you list your information in our teacher's directory. Please upload your information here.

Setting up (Site) 

Friday 6 September 2024, 2 pm - 4 pm: Setting up tables etc. Don't start setting up your work until 4 pm. Please help our site managing team. Thank you. Our volunteer team is working extremely hard so that many people can join this exhibition at a reasonable price.

Setting up Your Work

Friday, 6 September 2024, 4 pm - 7 pm: Start setting up your work at 4 pm.

Saturday, 7 September 2024, 9am - 9:50am

Wa Ikebana Award

If you are applying for the Wa Ikebana Award, please set up your work by 7 pm on Friday, and attend the Opening on Saturday.   

Bridal Bouquet Award

If you are a qualified Ikebana teacher and exhibit at our exhibition this time, please apply in your application for the award. 

Successful applicants will be notified by 31 August 2022.

If you are applying for Bridal Bouquet Awad, please set up your work by 7 pm on Friday, and attend the Opening on Saturday. 

Your work will be auctioned during the festival. The funds raised will be used for our running costs.



Saturday 7 September 2024, 1 pm – 2 pm
If you are a qualified Ikebana teacher and would like to be a demonstrator, please apply in your application for the exhibition. 

Our topic is "Ikebana for Restaurants & Cafes". You will have 6 minutes to demonstrate. We will pay you a small fee to supplement your material cost. Successful applicants will be notified by 31 August 2022.

Opening ceremony and VIP guest tours

When: Saturday 7 September 2024, 10 am – 11 am
Where: Salon, Abbotsford Convent
All exhibitors are welcome to this private function.
Each exhibitor can invite up to 6 people.

Exhibition opening hours for the general public

Saturday 7 September 2024, 11 am – 5 pm
Sunday 8 September 2024, 10 am – 5 pm

Placement and set up of exhibits

Exhibits must be placed in the designated area. The instructions of the WA organizing committee must be followed. The exhibit location must not be changed unless instructed by an authorized committee member (a curator).

While setting up, a plastic sheet or equivalent must be placed on top of the tablecloth. All rubbish must be cleared from the table prior to the opening.

Exhibits must be stable & safe for the viewers.

Only a nametag may be placed next to the exhibit. Your nametag will be prepared by the Wa oganizing committee.

Items prepared by individuals, such as business cards or descriptions are NOT permitted and may be removed by an authorized committee member.

Artists' Talk - Meet Our Artists

Saturday 7 September 2024, 11am – 12am
Sunday 8 September 2024 , 11am – 12am
All exhibitors are welcome to join this program. Please stand in front of your work, and answer questions from our visitors. This program is designed to enhance the understanding of Ikebana for the visitors. You may hand out your business cards or flyers.

Dismantling and Clean-up

Sunday 8 September 2024, 5:10 pm – 5:50 pm

NOTE: Venue must be cleared, cleaned and vacated by 6:00 pm. All exhibitors are responsible for leaving the venue clean and tidy. All the exhibitors should participate in setting up, dismantling and cleaning unless there are special circumstances. Support and cooperation are expected.

Exhibitors’ rubbish must not be disposed of at the venue. Rubbish, flower material, wrappers, bags and clippings, must be taken away by exhibitors. Bins at the venue are for use by visitors only.

Exhibitors should bring items useful for cleaning and preparation such as plastic sheets, brooms, dustpans and plastic bags for rubbish.

Joining other programs 

Booking is required for all the programs (including Ikebana Demonstration) except exhibition & artists' talk. If you are selected as a presenter (speaker or demonstrator) or a volunteer staff, however, you don't need to book the program you are involved in. Please check our programs.

Please don't assume that exhibitors have free access to all the programs. We have to ask you to pay extra fees to attend some programs. However, please note that discounts are available for ikebana exhibitors to join demonstrations, conferences, and the Hana-Awase performance. Please ask us for a special code before you book (wa.ikebana@gmail.com).

Please understand that our venue has a strict limit in number to accommodate.
We would appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Reception area

Items to be placed at the reception desk are categorized into the following two groups.
1. Flyers, business cards etc. approved by the organizing committee (handed out on request)
2. Books and brochures approved by the organizing committee (sold on request)

Promotional materials are not to be placed on display tables.


All important updates will be posted on this website and Facebook. Also please join our mailing list.


1. Make sure that you are eligible for visa to visit Australia before you apply for this festival. If you require a letter of invitation from Wa Melbourne Ikebana Festival for your visa application, contact us at wa.ikebana@gmail.com. It is your responsibility to prepare your visa and other travel documents. 

2. The images of your work at this exhibition may be used on our website or social media. If you don't want to agree with this, please contact us by email.   

3. Wa Melbourne Ikebana Festival is not liable for any losses, damages or injuries during the festival. International exhibitors are required to take travel insurance with sufficient public liability insurance.  

4. There may be minor changes in our guidelines and programs. 

5. If this exhibition/award is cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances, we will refund your entry fee. Institution fees will be deducted.