You cannot come to Melbourne? You can still enjoy our great ikebana festival.

1. Online Exhibition: Hanadayori -  From 4 September 2021

Please enjoy the video and you can leave your thank you message to the artists. 

2. Melbourne Ikebana Conference by International Society of Ikebana Research (ISIR) - 12 September 2021

It is free to join the conference online. Please visit ISIR's website and join their free mailing list to receive ISIR's latest news ( conference, journal etc.). 

3. Online Exhibition: Ikebana from Melbourne - From 1 October 2021

This is an online exhibition by Ikebana artists who were to exhibit at Wa Ikebana  Exhibition during the Melbourne Ikebana Exhibition 2021. 

4. Ikebana Container Award

Enjoy our online catalogue of the finalists. The catalogue includes links to the nation's top ceramic artists.