Online Events

You cannot come to Melbourne? You can still enjoy our great ikebana festival.

1. Online Exhibition: Hanadayori -  From April 2023

Please send your request by 31 December 2022. Ikebana practitioners around the world will make a special arrangement in response to your request. Online & eBook Project. Please enjoy the online exhibition and you can leave your thank you message to the artists.  

2. Ikebana Conference

Melbourne Ikebana Festival cohosts Melbourne Ikebana Conference in conjunction with International Society of Ikebana Research (ISIR). The conference is available online. All welcome. 

Special Theme for this year's conference is "What is Ikebana Performance?" If you have any question about ikebana performances, please send it to us ( by 10 July 2022. We will pass your question to our presenters, Hiroki Ohara (Ohara School Headmaster), Dr Meran Trail & Dr Shimbo.       

3. Online Exhibition: Ikebana from Melbourne - From 1 October 2021

This is an online exhibition by Ikebana artists who were to exhibit at Wa Ikebana  Exhibition during the Melbourne Ikebana Exhibition 2021. 

4. Ikebana Container Award

Enjoy our online catalogue of the finalists. The catalogue includes links to the nation's top ceramic artists.