Hiroe Swen Exhibition

Hiroe Swen

Ceramic artist, Former Lecturer in Ceramics at the Australian National University Institute of the Arts.

Hiroe Swen was born in Kyoto. At age 23 Hiroe began a 5 and a half year apprenticeship at the Kyoto Crafts Institute under master potter H Hayashi. At that time, female potters were very rare and Hiroe was a pioneer in ceramic society. She met her future husband Cornel in the mid-sixties and together they migrated to Australia in 1968. Hiroe and Cornel have lived in Australia ever since and throughout her life. Hiroe has been a prolific creator of ever changing and evolving hand built ceramics. In 2016, Hiroe-san was awarded The Order of the Rising Sun, Gold and Silver Rays by the Government of Japan for her contribution to the promotion of Japanese culture and mutual understanding between Japan and Australia.

Hiroe has been a judge for Ikebana Gallery Award, the first online ikebana competition for all ikebana students.  


日本政府より旭日双光章、オーストラリア政府よりOrder of Australia(オーストラリア勲章)を授与されたオーストラリアを代表する国際的な陶芸家。元オーストラリア国立大学芸術学部講師。