Hanadayori 2023 Part 1&2 - Launched
  • 花信:今、世界が求める花がここに


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We are delighted to announce the launch of our online exhibition, "Hanadayori: Ikebana by Request Part 1 & 2," a captivating component of the upcoming Wa Melbourne Ikebana Festival 2024, scheduled for 7 & 8 September 2024. Like Hanadayori, the Melbourne Ikebana Festival warmly welcomes exhibitors from around the globe.

We extend our sincere gratitude to all those who submitted requests, though regrettably, we were unable to accommodate every submission. Nevertheless, we invite everyone to immerse themselves in the beauty of this exhibition with us.

A heartfelt thank you goes out to the dedicated ikebana artists who enthusiastically participated in this unique project. We express our deepest appreciation to our esteemed guest exhibitors, including Mr. Oshun Tsukagoshi (a special guest for the Wa Melbourne Ikebana Festival 2024), Mr. Kazuya Yatagai, Ms. Hanna Nazarenko, Ms. Kateryna Bilotserkovets, Dr. Eiko Hamasaki, Ms. Midori Yamaguchi, Ms. Keiho Ota, Ms. Riei Ikeda, Mr. Riyu Iguchi, Ms. Kozan Okada, and Ms. Ilse Beunen. Explore their short bios on our directory page.

The contributions of international ikebana masters have truly made this online exhibition a global ikebana event.

"Hanadayori" stands out as a distinctive ikebana exhibition, fostering direct connections between artists and a diverse audience. Our goal is to facilitate a two-way interaction, allowing the audience to communicate their desires to the artists, and vice versa. This approach challenges ikebana artists to create works inspired by requests from strangers—an endeavor that is both challenging and rewarding.

In a world still grappling with the far-reaching impacts of the pandemic and social instability, these small connections through flowers aim to bring joy and healing. Beyond connecting ikebana artists with individuals worldwide, this project seeks to showcase the profound power of ikebana to the broader community.

A special acknowledgment is extended to our major sponsor, Metascent, for their generous support. They have artfully crafted the Hanadayori collection, a set of perfumes that encapsulate the spirit and significance of our Hanadayori project.

Shoan Lo & Shoso Shimbo

Curators, Hanadayori 2023

Melbourne Ikebana Festival