Hanadayori 2023 Part 1 - Launched



Our online exhibition, Hanadayori: Ikebana by Request Part 1 has been launched. Hanadayori is an online part of Wa Melbourne Ikebana Festival 2024, which will be held on 7 & 8 September 2024. Just like Hanadayori, Melbourne Ikebana Festival welcome the exhibitors from all over the world.   

Here is a list of ikebana artists and the requests selected for them. Thank you for sending us your requests. Unfortunately we were not able to accept all of the requests, but we hope that everyone will enjoy this exhibition with us.

Thank you to all the ikebana artists who volunteered to join this exciting project. In particular Wa Melbourne Ikebana Festival is so grateful to our world-renowned guest exhibitors, Mr Oshun Tsukagoshi, Mr Kazuya Yatagai, Ms Hanna Nazarenko, Ms Kateryna Bilotserkovets, Dr Eiko Hamasaki, Ms Midori Yamaguchi, Ms Keiho Ota, Ms Riei Ikeda, Mr Riyu Iguchi, Ms Kozan Okada, & Ms Ilse Beunen & Mr Christopher Lim. Please visit our directory page for their short bios.  

Contributions from the international ikebana masters have helped to make this online exhibition a truly international ikebana event.

Hanadayori is a unique ikebana exhibition which directly connects ikebana artists with a wide audience. It aims to introduce two way interaction, from the audience to artists and from artists to the audience. This approach makes it possible for ikebana artists to find out what people really want from ikebana. It is a challenging but rewarding experience to create artworks based on requests from strangers. 

This project not only connects ikebana artists with people all over the world, but in a world where the effects of the pandemic are still causing so much suffering, these small connections though flowers might help to bring some joy and healing.

We hope that this exhibition will help show the true power of ikebana to the wider community.     

Shoan Lo & Shoso Shimbo

Curators, Hanadayori 2023

Melbourne Ikebana Festival