The Photobook Hanadayori 2023

Embark on a visual journey with "Hanadayori 2023" – now available in a captivating hardcover edition

Immerse yourself in the exquisite world of ikebana as over 40 international artists showcase their stunning floral creations. Purchase your copy online and bring the timeless beauty of ikebana into your home today.

Although Handayori was initially published as an online exhibition on YouTube, we decided to publish it in a photobook format as well so that its special meditative characters can be really appreciated.

"Dear Shoso and Shoan, I’m delighted to receive the Hanadayori photobook I received this morning. I’m very impressed by the quality and the tremendous effort you and your team have put into the publication. It’s a privilege to be involved. All the best for future publications. Kind Regards, P.B. (Australia)". 

"花信2023"でビジュアルな旅へ – 今、魅力的なハードカバーエディションがご利用いただけます!




Introduction from the Photobook, Hanadayori 2023

Hanadayori, a beautiful Japanese term that signifies the long-awaited moment when flowers finally bloom, encapsulates the essence of our project. In Hanadayori 2023, we invited accomplished ikebana masters and dedicated practitioners to create unique arrangements in response to requests from individuals around the globe. Those who submitted requests now have the opportunity to witness their personalized arrangements through published photographs.

The vision behind Hanadayori was to cultivate a profound, almost spiritual connection between artists and viewers. We are delighted to witness this vision materialize in Hanadayori 2023, emphasizing that ikebana's true nature lies in the ability to communicate with others' souls through a meditative reflection on nature.

As a significant online event within the Melbourne Ikebana Festival, Hanadayori serves as a bridge that connects ikebana artists with a global audience. In a world grappling with the challenges of the pandemic and social instability, these small connections forged through the language of flowers offer a ray of joy and healing. This project aims to showcase the transformative power of ikebana to the broader community.

Initially presented as an online exhibition on YouTube, the decision to publish Hanadayori in a photo book format allows its meditative charm to be fully appreciated. 

We extend our sincere gratitude to all who submitted requests, even though, unfortunately, we couldn't accommodate every submission. Nevertheless, we invite everyone to immerse themselves in the beauty of this exhibition with us.

Heartfelt thanks are extended to the dedicated ikebana artists who wholeheartedly participated in this unique project. Special appreciation goes to our esteemed guest exhibitors, including Mr Oshun Tsukagoshi, Mr Kazuya Yatagai, Ms Hanna Nazarenko, Ms Kateryna Bilotserkovets, Dr Eiko Hamasaki, Ms Midori Yamaguchi, Ms Keiho Ota, Ms Riei Ikeda, Mr Riyu Iguchi, Ms Kozan Okada, Mr Ken Katayama, Ms Yumi Yamane, and Ms Ilse Beunen. Explore their short bios on our website, The contributions of these international ikebana masters have truly transformed this publication into a global ikebana event.

A special acknowledgment is reserved for our major sponsor, Metascent, for their generous support. They have artfully crafted the Hanadayori collection—a set of perfumes that encapsulate the spirit and significance of our Hanadayori project.

With gratitude,

Shoan Lo & Shoso Shimbo

Curators, Hanadayori 2023

Melbourne Ikebana Festival