Special Exhibitors 2023

Hanna Nazarenko (Ukraine, Ikenobo)

Thank you for the opportunity to participate. This is very important for Ukraine and for me personally. Thanks a lot.

Kateryna Bilotserkovets (Ukraine, Ikenobo, 2021 Ikebana Gallery Award Winner)

Thank you very much, I really appreciate this opportunity! I'm a student of East Europe Ikenobo Chapter (Kyiv, Ukraine), Level 2 (SHODEN). Unfortunately, I was forced to leave Ukraine because of the war and I do not have all the tools with me, but I will try my best. Sincerely yours, Kateryna

* The winners of Ikebana Gallery Award and their teachers are invited to join Hanadayori.  

Dr Eiko Hamasaki

Midori Yamaguchi

Kazuya Yatagai 

Oshun Tsukagoshi

Keiho Ota

Riei Ikeda

Riyu Iguchi

Kozan Okada

Ilse Beunen

Christopher Lim

Hanadayori 2023